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UMI - University Medical Imaging
Care Coordinators: At UMI, Care Coordinators are an indispensible part of the patient experience. They are in charge of ensuring a smooth confirmation process and in preparing patients before their exam.


"I treat each patient as I would like to be treated, with understanding and patience."

Carol Bader,
Care Coordinator

Meet our Care Coordinators

They are patient advocates who listen, answer questions, and provide information, so that patients know exactly what to expect during their visit with us.

Deborah Helfer

"I always go the extra mile for patients."

Before every exam, Deborah always takes the extra time to anticipate any issues patients may have. "Taking that little extra time to put myself in the patients' shoes helps me resolve issues before the exam begins. This makes a big difference in helping patients have a more relaxed experience." When Deborah isn't caring for people, she volunteers for a local animal rescue organization.

Emily Walz

"I enjoy meeting new patients and being as helpful and caring as I can be."

Emily worked as a lifeguard at the YMCA before coming to UMI this past Summer. She loves working with the Staff here and enjoys meeting  new patients and helping each one feel less nervous and as comfortable as possible while here. In addition to being a full-time Care Coordinator Emily is continuing her education at MCC.

Nancy Wilson

"Compassion is the most important job requirement."

Before UMI, Nancy was a commercial bank teller. A former co-worker, now a UMI staff member, was so impressed by Nancy's personal approach to customer service, she suggested that Nancy join our staff. The rest, as they say, is history."I love my job because I get to help in some small way with patients' well-being." In her spare time Nancy volunteers for Visiting Nurse Service.

Carol Bader

"I treat each patient as I would like to be treated, with understanding and patience."

Carol joined UMI in 2006 after hearing from a relative that it was the "best place to work in Rochester." She is responsible for training other Care Coordinators and reviewing MRI safety with patients. She is the primary point of contact for patients when they need to prepare for their exam. "I enjoy helping patients and making their exam experience as relaxed and as easy as possible."

Barbara "Jo" Meyer

"I love working with the wonderful staff here and meeting and caring for patients."

Jo has been with UMI for seven years, where she first worked in medical records. Wanting more interaction with patients, she is now responsible for working with Technologists and Nurses to provide patients with a positive exam experience.  Her administrative experience also comes in handy in helping patients fill out their paperwork to expedite the exam process.

Lisa Polidori

"You can make a difference is someones life or make someones day by listenening to them with an open mind and an open heart ."

Lisa is our night care coordinator also interested in furthering her education in health and patient care. Lisa loves working with patients and working with the wonderful staff here at UMI.