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UMI - University Medical Imaging
Schedulers: Whether they are scheduling patient exams or supporting doctors, schedulers are at the heart of good customer service at UMI.

"“I wanted to personally thank the UMI scheduling team for all the assistance and support I have recieved over the past few years when scheduling radiologic studies. Our questions or concerns with scheduling and scanning have always been answered in a prompt and efficient manner.........I as well as our patients greatly apprecieate your continued professionalism, expertise, consistency and flexibility with our specific needs when scheduling and scanning radiologic studies.” Josh Olszewicz, Office manager and Clinical Assistant for Dr. David N. Smith

Lindsay Robison—Scheduler

To Lindsay, the best part of her job is providing excellent customer service to patients and solid support to doctors. Lindsay says, “When scheduling goes smoothly, it helps doctors provide the best care for patients.” In scheduling appointments, this mother of two always goes the extra mile to find the best time for the patient—not only for patient convenience, but because it helps
reduce cancellations, making the appointment process more efficient for everyone.

Meenal Marathe—Scheduler

In her former life, Meenal was an emergency medical technician. This experience fostered a desire to use her medical background to assist referrers and patients at UMI. She schedules appointments for a wide range of modalities and is vigilent about making sure insurance authorizations are in place before patients come in. Meenal enjoys playing tennis, spending time with friends and family, and her two cats.

Judy Ryden—Scheduler

Judy sets up MRI, CAT scan, and ultrasound appointments for patients with a broad range of health problems. At UMI since 2005, she has worked toward making the appointment process as smooth and efficient as possible for patients. When not busy at work, she enjoys her two golden retrievers who are “active and challenging as they discover new things to get into each day!”

Brenda Chrysler—Switchboard Operator

Brenda is the gatekeeper for all incoming calls to our office. She connects patients, doctors’ offices, and all other inquiries to the right people at UMI. As you can imagine, coordinating all those calls keeps Brenda very busy. “It can get hectic,” she says. “But I make a point to be the first friendly voice you hear when you call our office.” She has been with UMI since 2009. Before that she worked for a medical group and two insurance companies. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves cooking, especially for the holidays.

Donna Magraw—Scheduler

Since 2006, Donna has coordinated with doctors, staff, nurses, and patients to set up appointments for MRIs, CAT scans, and ultrasounds. She is also a problem-solver. When a patient is late for an appointment or doesn’t show up, she has to readjust the schedule—a constant juggling act in a busy office. For Donna, no two days are the same. She loves interacting with people. “I enjoy working with the secretaries and patients. I get to talk with many wonderful people every day.”