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At UMI,  we never forget the human side of imaging. To us, radiology is not about assembly-line testing.  It's the art of interpretation combined with the science of accuracy. 

UMI - University Medical Imaging
PATIENTS: Everything we do is designed to give you a comfortable imaging experience.

"It is important to take the extra time to get the diagnosis right. It may make all the difference in the world to your patient."


Steven Weiss, M.D.,
UMI Radiologist

At UMI, there is comfort in knowing.

When you need a radiological exam, it's normal to feel a little nervous beforehand. At UMI, we believe that knowledge is your best ally and can help ease the fear of the unknown. We are committed to providing you with the best possible imaging experience, before, during, and after the exam.

Prior to your visit.

A Care Coordinator will call you to go over any special preparation instructions and answer any questions you may have about your exam.

When you arrive.

You will be greeted by a Registration Associate and asked to fill out a medical screening form to determine any special conditions or medical history. You will then go to your own private waiting room to prepare for the exam. For some procedures, you may need to change into a gown and slippers. For exams requiring a contrast injection, a nurse will start you on an IV.

During exams.

Our Technologists are highly sensitive to the patient experience and common issues such as MRI claustrophobia. They often use music and other relaxation techniques to create a soothing environment. Regardless of the type of exam, they will be with you at all times to ensure your safety and comfort.

After your exam.

Your results will be processed quickly. Upon reviewing them, our Radiologists will personally consult with your referring physician about the diagnosis and the course of treatment, if needed. Our Radiologists are Fellowship-trained in various sub-specialties, which means they bring an advanced level of expertise and training to your specific health issue. At UMI, you will benefit from the wisdom and experience of the best minds in medicine.


To expedite your check in process, the following policy’s and forms are provided to you prior to your appointment.

HIPAA Privacy Practices notice (essential the booklet in PDF) This is a notice only policy for your review.

Please print and complete these form prior to your appointment. Important note for minors, a parent or guardian must co-sign all of your documents.

RHIO Consent (PDF)

HIPAA Privacy Notice Receipt (PDF)

Financial Policy (updated  1/31/14 this year)(PDF) 

Medical History Questionnaire (PDF)

Complete this form only if you are having an MRI exam.

MRI Medical Surgical Safety Data Sheet (PDF)