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UMI - University Medical Imaging
Our Physicians: Many people have the misconception that a Radiologist is the Technologist who conducts your exam. In fact, Radiologists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis of disease through imaging technology.

Dr. Weinberg specializes in Cross-Sectional imaging in MRI, CT, and Ultrasound.  His in-depth knowledge of these sub-specialty areas results in a higher level of accuracy and care.


Eric Weinberg, M.D.,
UMI Medical Director

UMI has radiology sub-specialists.

Radiologists have some of the most extensive training in the field of medicine and are required to have up to seven years of residency and fellowship experience.

When you have heart problems, you are referred to a physician who specializes in that area—a cardiologist or a cardiac surgeon. The same holds true for the Radiologists at UMI. Most Radiologists are generalists—doctors who specialize only in radiology. UMI is the only imaging facility in the area with a diagnostic medical staff comprised exclusively of Fellowship-trained Radiologists.

This means that they are not only experts in radiology, they have advanced training in one or more sub-specialities such as neurology and orthopaedics.They also serve as full-time faculty at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, training the next generation of radiologists. This deeper level of expertise enables them to handle the most difficult cases. Our Radiologists routinely work with physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of major diseases, rare disorders, and patients with multiple health issues.

UMI Radiologists are leaders in the field—contributors to peer-reviewed medical journals, pioneers in imaging research, and compassionate practitioners who are involved with patient care every day. They bring the highest level of clinical skill and judgment to their work.

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