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At UMI,  we never forget the human side of imaging. To us, radiology is not about assembly-line testing.  It's the art of interpretation combined with the science of accuracy. 

UMI - University Medical Imaging
INSURANCE: At UMI, you will find that we participate in a large number of insurance plans as an IN NETWORK provider and we offer highly competitive rates in the Rochester community.

"It is important to take the extra time to get the diagnosis right. It may make all the difference in the world to your patient."


Steven Weiss, M.D.,
UMI Radiologist


Before you schedule your imaging procedure take a moment to review our Insurance Contract Matrix to see if UMI accepts your insurance plan. While UMI participates in a large number of insurance plans, your specific plan may not be accepted, or UMI may be considered OUT OF NETWORK, which could mean higher out of pocket costs for you.

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UMI prides itself on offering our services at a competitive price point for our patients in the Rochester community. If you have a referral for an imaging procedure, we would be happy to review your physicians order, validate your insurance coverage, and provide you with a cost estimate of the anticipated services to be provided. This would also include an estimate of your out of pocket fees due at the time of your exam. Please allow us 2 business days to process your request.


Because UMI participates in a variety of insurance plans, there is a wide range of patient fee structures between you and your insurance. In order for UMI to provide competitive rates, UMI will collect all patient co-pays at the time of service. Additionally, patient deductible and co-insurance costs will be calculated and collected based on your insurance cost estimate.


Every time you visit UMI please bring a photo ID, insurance card and form of payment. For minors, a parent or legal guardian must accompany the patient to sign all required forms at the time of visit. Failure to provide these may cause a delay or postponement with your services.


The estimate provided to you before your imaging procedure is an estimate and not a final bill. After UMI submits your procedure billing to your insurance they will generate an Estimate Of Benefit (EOB). This will break down the exact costs of what UMI bills, what the insurance contractually adjusts off and pays based on our contract, and what the patient is liable to pay based on your contract with your insurance. Because we provide you with an estimate, you may receive a refund or be billed additional costs based on the insurance EOB.


To verify UMI accepts your insurance and/or to receive a cost estimate please call our pre-auth department at (585) 341-9091. For questions regarding your bill after your imaging procedure, please call our billing office at (585) 341­-4979.